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Florida Telugu Cultural Society - Manam is a non-profit organization serving the Telugu-speaking community in the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties of South Florida. We promote and celebrate Telugu language, arts, culture, values, festivals, traditions and spirituality.

ఫ్లోరిడా తెలుగు సాంస్కృతిక సంఘం మన తెలుగు భాష, సాహిత్యం, సంస్కృతి, సంప్రదాయాలు, మన పండుగలు, సంగీతం, నృత్యం మొదలైన లలిత కళలు, ఆరోగ్యం, ఆధ్యాత్మికత, విలువలను పాటిస్తూ వాటిని మరింత అభివృద్ధి చేసి మనకు, మన పిల్లలకు, తోటి వారికి కూడా సంతోషంగా జరుపుకో గలిగే అవకాశం కల్పించేందుకు కృషి చేస్తుంది.

Upcoming Events

Mudra Talk
Mudra Talk Details
FTCS Spiritual


A study group and satsang devised to be an instrument in our spiritual journey, inspiring each other, sharing divine thoughts and enriching our knowledge and understanding of Sanatana Dharma. Click on this for more details.

FTCS Cultural

సాంస్కృతిక కార్యక్రమాలు

Organize innovative programs to engage members of the community while promoting our culture, art, festivals. Click here to view some recent events!

FTCS kids

నేటి బాలలు

Educating younger generations in our culture, traditions and values; making them strong from the inside out. Click here to find out more about the various engaging activities being conducted!

FTCS Sports


We conduct tournaments and family sports day for fun as well as to increase our well being physically and mentally, to develop sense of friendliness and team spirit. Click here to see recent activities!

FTCS Healthy Living

ఆరోగ్యమే మహాభాగ్యం

To make our community more healthy and active, we conduct 5K walks, yoga classes, workshops, healthy cooking competitions etc.

FTCS Recent Events

వగైరా వగైరా...

Click here to see details of all the recent events conducted including some photos and videos.

FTCS Togetherness Samani-Va